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Unreal Engine 5 + Google 3D Tiles + ChatGPT

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Thank you for your interest in this project. Inside the download, you will find the complete Unreal Engine 5 project with all the assets.

To assist you in getting started, please refer to this documentation.

Please keep in mind that this project requires paid API keys (OpenAI + Google Maps) to function. The documentation contains instructions on how to utilize these API keys within the project.

I hope this project sparks your creativity in creating incredible experiences using ChatGPT, 3D tiles, and Unreal Engine. I am genuinely excited to witness the remarkable creations you develop. For any further questions, please consult this documentation for my contact information. Feel free to reach out!

If you're feeling extra generous, your donations will be expertly converted into highly caffeinated beverages and fuel for my future projects.

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The Unreal Engine 5 Project with Documentation

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Unreal Engine 5 + Google 3D Tiles + ChatGPT

20 ratings